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You will surprise by looking at these His & His Rings and Hers & Hers Rings

If you are part of LGBT community then you want to show your love to your partner with the best matching rings. This is where His & His Rings and Hers & Hers Rings are in demand. With equal details and qualities you both will wear similar stylish rings to show your commitment to each other. However there are many jewelry shops sell LGBT rings with different styles. In such case how do you find the best and right wedding rings for you? Before reading further check these Gay wedding rings for an inspiration. The first thing you have to check is similar elegant design on both of your rings. Your ring is a symbol of your commitment to each...

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How to measure your ring size

I know that you are super excited due to your wedding planning. Wedding ring is the most precious gift of the day from your partner. Therefore you have to measure your ring size correctly in order to wear it every day making your love everlasting. Here are some tips on how to measure wedding ring without making it too tight or too loose. To measure the correct ring size, you need to have an idea about Factors affecting the ring size measurement. What are these factors? Here is how to measure wedding ring with different factors affecting it.Let’s discuss one by one. Factors affecting ring size measurement 1) Type of ring Wedding ring size is different from other ring measurement. It is...

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Wedding Bands for The lord of the Rings Fans

Here is the good news for the fans of The lord of the rings! You can wear a ring with custom elvish writing on the ring or you can gift a customized ring for your loved ones in order to make them happy. It is obvious that when you choose a gift that someone you love can admire most, the gift will be precious. And the moment that he or she receives the gift is memorable. This is why I want to introduce you these lord of the rings rings in order to make your gift finding efforts successful! How to choose custom lord of the rings Well, you may have found different jewelry shops that sell custom lord of...

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Find Marriage vows wedding rings with affordable prices from J Ring Studio!

A wedding ring is a mark of loyalty; a promise, a guarantee, and a vow and thus, we can call it marriage vows wedding ring. The guarantee is to give up all others, to keep on loyal and true; the pledge is to honor that promise selflessly, to see the whole thing through; and the vow is to keep that pledge unwaveringly, until the days are few. It is a mutual agreement to become one instead of two.   It is time-honored for a pair to exchange wedding rings after they say their vows. Since these rings are signs of the matrimony, the words said during a ring exchange should reflect the couple's hopes for their marriage. These words may be just...

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Why Fingerprint Rings are the latest wedding trend

I am sure you are busy with your wedding planning. Your heart is filled with joy and your dreams are full of romantic experiences. This is why you count fingers for the big day. While preparing for your wedding I want to share the latest trend of wedding rings. It is always good to buy unique and valuable wedding rings personalized for you both only. That is why finger print rings are in trend! What are fingerprint rings? If you don’t know what finger print rings are, let me explain.        Finger print rings are custom made rings with your own finger prints. Both You and your partners’ finger prints will be engraved in the ring. Isn’t this truly amazing? Your...

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Our buyer's feeback

"I called today with an issue of misplaced order, as I received the product, but the design was slightly different. Even though I didn’t care about design much, still I was concern about the product I paid for. I called the company immediately, and my call was answered by Jen who went out of her way to assist me. She arranged the call back promptly and found way to arrange the original product back to me. At first I was doubtful but later I found out about the management and their professional approach for handling misplaced items, I was much relieved and finally got the product I actually order. I would highly recommend Jringstudio for their product quality and management."

- Mark Robinson, Los Angeles

"I would like to congratulate Jringstudio for the customized ring. I received it yesterday and it is indeed a beautiful looking ring and fits perfectly to my sister. I could not ask for a better gift for my sister’s birthday. Thank you again Jringstudio”.

- Michael W, Long Island, NY