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How to Measure Ring Size?

Factors affecting ring size measurement

1) Type of ring

Wedding ring size is different from other ring measurement. It is not equal to fashion ring or engagement ring size simply because of the shape difference. Most engagement ring size is thin. Therefore engagement rings need smaller size than wedding ring size. Keep this idea in mind when you measure for your wedding ring.  You must tell the shop that you need a wedding ring size.

2) Shape of the ring

The second factor you have to consider is the shape of ring. You can find many kind of rings such as engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, cocktail rings, claddagh rings, birthstone rings, signet ring and so on. Different kind of ring have different ring sizes. So when you order wedding ring, you must know your wedding ring size. Also in some rings, inside is curved which is for comfort fitting. Most comfort fitting ring need US1/4 smaller than standard fitting. Therefore you must be aware of what’s the shape of ring you are going to buy before deciding the size.

3) Width of ring

Width of the ring also affect your ring size. IF you look for a thin wedding bands, then size will be   smaller than wide bands. When you know this factor you know how to measure the ring size.

4) Weather

Do you know that our finger size will be bigger during summer? We suggest order wedding ring before 2-3 months of your wedding. Also some people ring size is small in the morning and bigger in the night. If you didn’t know that before, it is time to check your fingers right now! 

Before choosing the wedding ring, remember that Wedding ring size is not like of a fashion ring. You   only wear it on your wedding finger. You cannot wear it in any other finger. Therefore it must be accurate and comfortable when you wear it.

If you search internet on how to measure wedding ring size then you will find that most websites ask to use string or paper to measure ring size. However this method is used definitely for fashion ring measurements only. It’s not an accurate method to determinate your wedding ring size.

If you have a wedding ring, we suggest you to use a digital caliper to measure the inner diameter.

Or you can buy this type of ring sizer which are more accurate compare to others.

Our final advice is don’t think of small amount of money you have to spend on correct ring size measurement as it is for your wedding ring. Your wedding ring should fit you forever!

Otherwise, visit at least 2-3 jewelry shops and ask them to measure your ring size before confirm to buy. Use the same type of rings for your measurement.


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