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Discover Your Perfect Fit with Subtle Ring Sizing Hacks from Jring-Studio


A ring is an accessory that, when chosen right, can add the desired glam quotient to your personality and prettify your looks manifolds. But on the other hand, if the choice goes wrong, it can make you appear out of place. A ring, especially on specific occasions like a wedding, enjoys quite a prominent place and yet most of us have had an experience where we bought the wrong size. Imagine a ring that’s too tight or too loose on your finger; that isn't a pretty picture to look at, is it?

On most occasions, what confuses us is the width and the shape of a ring. Different shapes mean different appearances and appearance can deceive. Many of us aren’t in the know about what 'measuring a ring size' exactly means. To dispel the clouds of unawareness, measuring a ring size means measuring a ring’s inner diameter. Inner diameter is what will rest on your finger and will determine the right fit. The second most vital piece of information is the fact that different types of rings differ in size. For instance, you cannot possibly use your fiancée’s engagement ring to buy her wedding ring.

Key Pointers to Get the Right Size:

  • There are several ways to measure a ring, and one of the most commonly used methods is using an online ring sizer. If you’re one of those people who use it, we advise you against it. Online sizes can be used while measuring fashion rings.

  • A far better way is to use a metal or plastic ring sizer to measure a ring as it paints a more precise picture. But even this method has its downsides.

  • Trumping them all, the most accurate way to find the right the size is to seek expert assistance. You should visit a professional jewelry store and get the precise size measured. The professional artisans measure the inner diameter of the ring, which is not only the most accurate way but also the globally accepted standard for measuring ring size.
Now that you have it all figured out, go ahead and discover the perfect fit! Visit for more on rings!

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