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Customized Creations

The gift of a ring is a special gesture; a truly memorable moment to be cherished forever. We endeavor to ensure your purchase is perfect for the occasion. We are passionate about our craft and we aim to ensure every ring is as individual as the customer purchasing it. We offer inspired individuality and a ceaseless passion for detail. We strive to ensure our jewelry exceeds expectations, a gift from our family to yours. With our many years of expertise, we are able to create a truly unique piece of art, personalized or with bespoke designs, truly encompassing your every requirement. Please use our ‘request custom order’ button to discuss your design with us and create something truly exceptional.

Our buyer's feeback

"I called today with an issue of misplaced order, as I received the product, but the design was slightly different. Even though I didn’t care about design much, still I was concern about the product I paid for. I called the company immediately, and my call was answered by Jen who went out of her way to assist me. She arranged the call back promptly and found way to arrange the original product back to me. At first I was doubtful but later I found out about the management and their professional approach for handling misplaced items, I was much relieved and finally got the product I actually order. I would highly recommend Jringstudio for their product quality and management."

- Mark Robinson, Los Angeles

"I would like to congratulate Jringstudio for the customized ring. I received it yesterday and it is indeed a beautiful looking ring and fits perfectly to my sister. I could not ask for a better gift for my sister’s birthday. Thank you again Jringstudio”.

- Michael W, Long Island, NY