Our Process

How Your Rings Are Made?

Our rings are handcrafted with love and perfection. Each uniquely customized ring goes through a meticulous process before it reaches you. The process begins with raw and the purest form of titanium (99.9%), unmixed with any alloys and molded into the shape of the ring, based on the size that you have provided. The raw titanium ring undergoes a process of polishing with a chiselling tool, allowing the ring to gain a homogeneous size, chiselling off any uneven surfaces. Soon after, the ring is smoothed with a polishing tool ensuring that the ring is smooth and shiny in its appearance and texture. A polishing material is then dusted onto the ring and it is cleaned and brushed. When the ring is cleaned, the ring is dipped into a water and electrolyte solution, and with the help of AC/DC voltage/electricity, an electric current allows the titanium ring to become anodized, giving it a natural color. The higher the voltage, the thicker the oxide layer; this allows light to bend differently, altering the natural colors that are produced. Different voltage levels produce different colors, thus the opportunity for creativity and personalization. Depending on the customer’s color requirements, the titanium can be anodized into a myriad of amazing colors: blue, gold, bronze, etc. The colors never fade because the color is part of the titanium itself. Now the ring is ready! Should you wish to have engraving, the ring is then put into an engraving machine ready for your design. This customer’s customized pattern is designed using special software, meaning no two designs will ever be the same. The inside of the ring band is now engraved with your message. The band is then polished and is ready to be worn: a beautiful, one of a kind ring!